Thursday, November 29, 2012

It Is Soup Weather, And Favorite Gadget...A Day Late And well you know...

It is chilly here in Virginia ! My favorite time of the year....Soup season!  It is the end of the month and funds are short, time to use the canning pantry for some awesome vegetable soup!
 I love to can and my husband likes to garden so... we were meant to be together!  Our tomatoes went nuts this year, but the green beans dried up so I have had to buy green beans for the first time in 3 years!
I found potatoes on sale and canned those up with celery and onions, I call this my soup base.
Just have to add stock and a few other vegetables and you have soup!
Put all of this in a pot and simmer for a few hours and you will have some tasty soup that will warm you on a cold fall day! You can add whatever herbs you like ,I put a sprig of rosemary.

Add some crackers and sliced cheese ! Crusty bread would have been better but ...I am trying so hard to not make and EAT so much bread! Hope you enjoy!

This weeks favorite gadget is late ...I am so sorry, I was not feeling my best this week. The gadget is not so much a gadget but ...A system.
 This is the best thing I have ever put in my kitchen!! Before everything was stacked and you know the pan you needed was always on the bottom!  To get anything I had to get down on my hands and knees... A miners hat...cover me I am going in!
 Now everything is right at my fingertips! The racks pull out so easy!
 And I have plenty of room for MORE pans!!  Hmmmm more pans!
Love it!  What is your favorite gadget?

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