Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shaklee Giveaway...

Hi there!  Today I am so excited to introduce to to Julia Kendrick.  She is a busy Mom of 3 Boys and loves to help other families live frugal and healthy!  Today she is guest posting on my blog and going to tell you more about Shaklee and do a Giveaway for FIVE of my lucky readers!  I LOVE Shaklee and use their Vitalizer, cleaning products, and Beauty products!  Did you know that they are the #1 Nutrition Company in the US? I will turn it over to her and she can tell you more!

I am so humbled to be guest posting today on Nana Nita's!!  I love her blog and her Facebook page too!

So, What is Shaklee you ask?

Today I am going to show you! :) 

Shaklee has an awesome Get Clean line. Once you switch to these safe, frugal and great working cleaners, you will never go back to the harmful and expensive ones you used before!

This Get Clean kit is $99 and will last you a long time. If you were to go to Walmart and buy the equivalent amount of cleaning products, you would spend over $3,400! So to say these last a long an understatement. A long time and saves you A LOT of money.

 Let's talk about safety for one. What other cleaners can your kids help you clean with that is completely safe? If my kids want to help me spray down the table, they can! We have 2 bathrooms, so they each wipe down a bathroom every day too! I would NEVER trust them with any other cleaner to do that. Too dangerous.

Also, dollar store cleaners do not even stand up in comparison to Shaklee Get Clean cleaners! Ours are frugal AND safe. Those ones on the left leave harmful carcinogens in your air and residue on the surfaces that you clean. I know I don't want that around my kids and where they are playing. 

You can click HERE to see our Get clean line!

We also have our awesome Healthy Beauty line. I use this stuff every day!! It lasts a long time too. Did you know that a lot of your beauty products contain harmful parabens? Shaklee's Enfuselle line is completely safe and paraben free. 

I don't know about you but I am going with a safe beauty line. I don't need any cancer causing products.

We have our 180 Weight Loss Line...I am losing A LOT of weight on this right now!! If you are serious about getting your body healthy and losing fat and gaining muscle then you need to check these out.

 And our most important line of all, our Healthy Nutrition line. Our food is such poor quality today. Even if you buy organic food, you never truly know what you are getting. It is vitally important that you and your family supplement with vitamins. We even have an amazing line for your children. I can't even begin to tell you some of the results we have seen with these supplements. 

So these are the great products that I am proud to market and refer my friends and family to. I am blessed and thankful that I am able to share them with you too!

So here is where you can find the best products for the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S. who uses the most potent and purest ingredients to make their products the best!

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Thanks for Guest Posting, Julia!  

Nana Nita