Monday, February 4, 2013

Favorite Cook Book

Do you have a favorite cook book? You know that "Go To" cookbook that has all those things you love to fix or that your Mom fixed.
 I love cookbooks, this is just a small selection of my cookbooks! I love to just sit and read them. There are so many more I would love to have ....But I need more shelves !
 My favorite "Go To" cookbook is not one of these slick new cookbooks with pretty pictures, and a fancy cover. Nope ! My favorite cookbook is a sad, sad looking thing,

Pages curled, dropped on it...

This is My Mom's coveted Betty Crocker cookbook!  I have no idea what year it is...the covers are gone. Moms hand written notes are in it...her substitutions !

I look through it and remember the family meals we shared, the laughter, reading the recipe with Mom.
I cherish this book! My kids want it .....They will have to wait , I am not done with it yet!!
This is my favorite cookbook, What is yours?