Monday, February 4, 2013

Favorite Cook Book

Do you have a favorite cook book? You know that "Go To" cookbook that has all those things you love to fix or that your Mom fixed.
 I love cookbooks, this is just a small selection of my cookbooks! I love to just sit and read them. There are so many more I would love to have ....But I need more shelves !
 My favorite "Go To" cookbook is not one of these slick new cookbooks with pretty pictures, and a fancy cover. Nope ! My favorite cookbook is a sad, sad looking thing,

Pages curled, dropped on it...

This is My Mom's coveted Betty Crocker cookbook!  I have no idea what year it is...the covers are gone. Moms hand written notes are in it...her substitutions !

I look through it and remember the family meals we shared, the laughter, reading the recipe with Mom.
I cherish this book! My kids want it .....They will have to wait , I am not done with it yet!!
This is my favorite cookbook, What is yours?


  1. I have that very cookbook! And yes, mine looks very close to the condition yours is, lol. "My" famous white bread came from that book.

  2. Ok went and took another look. Not EXACTLY the same cookbook but I'll bet it has a lot of the same recipes. The popovers on the page you displayed is what caught my eye. While I am here let me thank you SO MUCH for all the recipes you share!

  3. What a homey, beautiful kitchen you have!

  4. Oh man... i have many recipes cards and tear outs from magazines. I would have to say that my favorite cookbook does change from time to time. I don't have a coveted one like you do. Right now it is Steamy Kitchen's Healthy Asian Favorites.

  5. I'd have to say Telephone Pioneers of America has the best cookbooks ever. There's several different versions. There's usually around 700+ pages in the best ones and they're not complicated recipes either.

  6. I have a cookie book like that!

  7. My grandmothers Betty Crocker cookbook! Mine looks a lot like your worn and torn with love!

  8. i have the same cookbook it is in a note book now in sleves