Monday, November 12, 2012

Did You Know Monday's

I love using herbs and spices in my cooking, But did you know you should never add spices or herbs by shaking them from the bottle over the steaming pan?

Yeah, I know there is nothing cooking in this pan, but imagine if you will steam rising from the pan going up in your spice or herb bottle. The steam will get in your bottles and make your spices clump, your herbs could mold and cut their shelf life. I don't know about you but I pay to much for my spices and herbs for them not to last ! My Mom stores hers in the freezer, I don't unless it is something that I have a lot of and know that I won't use it quickly. I also don't store them in bottles, I get mine at a Amish store and they come in these lidded plastic containers:

They make it so much easier to see how much you have and because the opening is wide you can get your spoon into make measuring easier. I use kosher salt when cooking and baking and I was so fortunate to have a sweet lady give me this salt box to use. Her Husband made it!
It gets a little humid here in Virginia, and this keeps the salt nice and dry! 

Hope you found today's "Did You Know Monday" helpful!

 See you soon!

Nana Nita

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