Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What’s going on?

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The garden in finished for this year!

We harvested the sunflowers.They were huge! Some of the heads were 12 inches or more in diameter! I could not get this one to fit in the Wal-Mart bag .


I think we had about 25 heads all total. I hope the seeds dry okay and are good.

     The canning is finished for this season. I think next year I am going to get a pressure canner! I have joined a Yahoo group about canning and it has really got me thinking about all the things I can do.   I am also going to get a dehydrator. They talked about using it to dry out all of the things that are left from canning. Skins of fruit and vegetables and then grinding them up in a  food processor and making  powders that you can use in soup bases and in cakes to add flavor. Just think of the possibilities!

Here is a recipe I made up  and thought I would share……

Orange Chicken

6 chicken tenders(cut up in popcorn size pieces)

2 Cup flour

2 eggs

1 Tblsp  salt

1 tsp   pepper

oil for frying


Cut chicken up  into bite size pieces. In large zip lock bag  put flour,salt ,pepper. Mix together.

In another large bag, crack the eggs and massage to mix.  In small batches, place chicken in the bag of flour,completely coat on all sides. Then put chicken in the egg bag and coat,then back into flour . Repeat until all of chicken is coated. Then in deep pan,heat oil and deep fry in small batches until chicken floats and is golden brown.  Let drain on paper towels.

   Orange sauce

2 to 3 Tblsp orange marmalade

2 to 3 Tblsps  jalapeño jelly

couple of shots of Soy sauce

1 large clove garlic minced

1 Tblsp minced onion

Tbsp lime juice

1 tsp red pepper flakes

1 slice green onion

In small sauce pan put a small amount of olive oil. Cook garlic and onion until translucent. Add jellies and soy and lime juice,cook until thickened.  Taste and adjust accordingly. Put cooked chicken in Tupperware bowl with lid, add sauce. Put the lid on and shake to distribute sauce. Serve with rice or side dish of choice. the sauce should be sweet –hot.




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