Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things Changing Around the Farm!



Just working on some things around the farm..

Picture 078 

Now there is corn….

Picture 109

Now there is not! Yes,that is me tilling the garden!

Picture 111

Just getting the corn stalks ready for the fall decorations.

On to the inside,

The dinning room is a work in progress….100_0017 

There are big changes coming soon! I will post updates as they occur! Now the Dinning room table I don’t have a good before picture ,but you can kind of see it in this picture. the finish is very dark.

And now…

Dining Room Table refinish 3 

It turned out beautifully! I love it! Steve will be refinishing the china cabinet soon! Here is the before….

Picture 112

FYI, We are putting it up for sale after it is refinished. We found one at an antique store for $300.00 that is bigger and in better shape.

The antique cabinet in the living room, needed to be redone. We painted it and it turned out really nice I think!

100_0074 100_0073

It was a freebie from our neighbors! I love it! We have to get  new knobs for it yet.

We will be working on the 2nd on the guest room upstairs and will be taking pictures and posting more about it soon.

Here we are , Just hanging out on the farm …after a hard days work!

Picture 116 Picture 120

Be back soon!

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