Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 16th,2008

Today I canned my first Green beans ,6 quarts! I used a water bath and put in vinegar to add acid. They all sealed ! I also canned 2 quarts and 3 pints of apples. They look really pretty in the Jar. Just think of all the cobblers and pies and fried apples I can make this winter.
This season we also got 15 jars of jam from our concord grapes. I have also put 7 gallon bags of juice in the freezer.
The corn has already come in and we had about 70 ears put up in the freezer. We definitely need to get a freezer for next year.
I have also canned 8 jars Jalapeno pepper jelly! For my first time out I don't think that's half bad.
We are looking forward to getting chickens this spring!

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  1. Lanita, That is wonderful!! You did very well, especially for being your first year on the farm. I hope you post more photos of your life on the farm. Chickens are lots of fun. The eggs taste great. Kathi